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Partner with a dedicated Shopify developer to grow your business and make more money, without working overtime. We built this service for designers who want to do more - without taking on all of the work themselves.
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Does this sound familiar?

You're tired of turning down project opportunities because of the web development required
You don't have the time to learn another new platform
You're intimidated by making advanced customizations
You're overwhelmed with all of the projects on your plate
You're frustrated, uninterested, or uninspired by coding! 
You want to work with more product-based brands

We're here to help

With our signature services, you can say goodbye to work constraints and say hello to new opportunities. We'll take care of the technical stuff so you can focus on tasks that light you up, and move the needle in your business.
Semi-custom development

Whether you’re new to the Shopify or looking to take things off your plate, we've got you covered. We'll enhance your theme-based designs with brand customization and minor visual adjustments like spacing and scale.

Development of 5 primary pages + checkout flow
Optimized for mobile
Pixel perfect results
30 days post launch support
Custom Development

Win your next big project and bring your creative vision to life with the help of a skilled developer. This service is best suited for established e-commerce brands who are looking to grow and ready to invest.

We'll work alongside you to assess your client's needs, scope the technical aspects of the project, and create a tailored solution.

Your success is our success

We’re passionate about helping designers succeed. Partnering with an experienced developer and platform experts, means you can:
Make more money
With twice the wo(man) power you can say yes to more projects, attract new clients, AND charge more per project.
We care about your success and will provide you with support and guidance along the way. Think of us as your Shopify Guardian angel.
Design without limits
Have more fun with your designs by incorporating unique layouts and animations - you dream, we build.
Focus on tasks you enjoy
Stop wasting your precious mental energy doing things you don’t want to do (coding). We’ll take care of that for you!

Our signature Process

Together we'll assess the project and client's goals, and co-create a proposal that makes sense for everyone.
Tag, you're it! We'll leave you to your artistic talents, but we will be here to answer any technical questions that come up along the way.
Time to talk specs. We'll review your design system, clarify interactions, and sign-off on assets.
Beep, boop, beep. You're in the Matrix now. This is where our development expertise comes into action.
After reviewing and finalizing adjustments, your gorgeous Shopify creation is ready to share with your client.

"Kimberly was a dream to work with. Her attention to detail is incredible, and she made me feel calm and confident throughout the project's duration.

Giuliana, Studio Oros
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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can we begin?
While we might be able to start your project right away, this isn’t always possible. Our availability varies based on our current workload, as well as the specifics of your project. To best reserve your spot, we recommend reaching out 1 - 2 months ahead of your anticipated launch date. The more notice, the better!
Before we can begin building, we need your branding web guidelines, all content, and developer-links to your design files. Design files must include mobile and desktop designs.
Will you be working with the client too?
It depends on the client and the complexity of the project. For custom solutions, we like to be involved early to help assess technical limitations and avoid surprises later.
What happens if something on the website breaks after launch?
A crucial step in our process prior to launch is testing. We complete extensive cross-browser testing across multiple devices. Our custom packages offers 30 days of support post-launch, just in case!


What Is Your pricing?
It really depends on the scope and complexity of the project. A theme-based implementation typically ranges from $3500-7000, while a custom implementation can range from $7000-30,000+
Our pricing is currently in Canadian dollars to support the majority of our clients. For Int'l clients, your invoice will reflect your local currency, converted on the day of transaction.
We accept all major credit cards as well as
e-transfers from our Canadian clients.
How does payment work?
To reserve your spot, we require a 50% deposit of your total project price upon booking. For ease of payment, 25% will be due at project start, and the remaining 25% will be due upon project completion.

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